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Get fast and reliable appliance repair in San Diego from our experienced technicians. We repair all major appliances. Get a free estimate!

Appliance Repair in San Diego

Our Services

& Freezer Repair

SOLID Appliance Repair specialists are prepared to fix refrigerator efficiently and immediately, sparing you the cost of buying a new one.

& Dryer Repair

Our technicians will work on any type of washing machine, whether it's a front loader, top loader or commercial model.

& Cooktop Repair

We can repair any type of stove. SOLID Appliance Repair works with a wide range of models.

Oven Repair

Our company's services are available to help you with a variety of oven-related issues.

Dishwasher Repair

Our technicians are ready to diagnose the problem with a dishwasher and recommend the best solution.

Microwave Repair

Our qualified technicians can repair your microwave to make it as good as new. We offer a wide range of microwave repair services.

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Prices And Warranty

Service charge:

Our service charge—which ranges from $60 to 149, depending on how far away you are from our closest technician—covers the cost of bringing a licensed mobile repairman to your home. If you approve the estimate and have us perform the repair, we will waive our service charge.

Cost of Labor:

The cost of labor is not determined by how much time a repair takes. To customers, the cost of operating a service-providing organization might seem high when it comes to appliance repair in San Diego because it includes expenses like training technicians and maintaining expensive equipment that are not apparent when someone shops for services. You are hiring a company for its expertise and quality of service, not just one individual. That is why labor rates reflect industry standards based on the type of repair being done.


If necessary parts are required to perform the repair properly, they will be charged in addition to the cost of labor.

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